• Meet Steve

    Stephen Paone

    AHC SINCE: 1964

    Stephen began working at AHC in 1964 as a labourer under the watchful eye of his father Eugene Paone. He quickly found his skill set in estimating and project management. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of BC in 1974, he joined the firm full time and eventually took the reins from his father as president of the company in 1981. Continuing his father’s commitment to honesty and integrity, Stephen has developed the company to maintain ongoing business relationships with many clients. This repeat business accounts for a major portion of their work each year. Since 1981, the company has grown from a management team of 2 to 7 to look after the needs of AHC clients. Stephen has a great love for the outdoors, hiking in the wilderness with his son Peter, canoeing and fishing. He also gives of his time and expertise to many charitable organizations.

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  • Meet John

    john Paone

    Director/ Vice President of Development
    AHC SINCE: 1978

    John, the youngest of the three sons, arrived on the scene as a carpenter apprentice. Johns’ first commitment is in building solid, functional and exceptional buildings. His years on the site as a superintendent and project manager allowed him to explore the opportunities of current building trends and materials as well as property development. John, as a partner in the company since 1981, has brought new direction to the company in design-build projects specializing in resort development, timber frame and cross-laminated timber construction. John as an avid skier and outdoorsman has found it a natural fit to bring multi-family and timber frame developments to the Rocky Mountain towns of the East Kootenays. This expansion has encouraged AHC Group to manage and build projects throughout the Province of BC.

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  • Meet Dino

    Dino Sartori

    Vice President of Construction
    AHC SINCE: 1985

    Dino is an integral part of the AHC team with over 20 years of experience in the construction of commercial, institutional and industrial projects. As the VP of Construction, Dino is responsible for the overall planning, budgeting, co-ordination and control of projects from inception to completion. His strong focus on design build and construction management practices is helping further expand AHC’s areas of expertise. His educational background focused on Construction Management and Technology. An avid mountain biker, Dino is an active member of the cycling community. He serves on the board of directors for the Burnaby Mountain Biking Association and promotes the establishment and preservation of sustainable trails. Dino can often be found in the trails of Burnaby Mountain with his young family.

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  • Meet Jason

    Jason Kelder

    Vice President of Development
    AHC SINCE: 2013

    Jason recently joined the AHC Group as VP of Development. In addition to Civil, Commercial and Residential Construction leadership expertise, Jason also brings larger scale Real Estate Development experience from pre-acquisition, entitlements and all facets of improvement through to final end use. Jason builds on AHC’s bench strength to serve their clients for new development or re-development aspects of their projects, prior to AHC, Jason was the land development lead for Wesbild Okanagan, including the 1200ac. Predator Ridge project. A York University Master’s Certified Project Manager, Jason looks to add innovation and efficiency throughout a project, AHC’s pioneering of CLT, Pre-Fab, SIP, etc. are prime examples to build on. Jason lives and works from the Central Okanagan and is lead on projects in the BC interior as well as the Prairie Provinces. When not working on an innovative building or land improvement project Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children and recreating in the BC outdoors.

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  • Meet Nancy

    Nancy Sehra

    Administrative Manager
    AHC SINCE: 1990

    Nancy has been with AHC Group for over 20 years following her training at BCIT in the field of Business and Financial Management. As a key member of the team, she has taken on a leadership role in office administrative, technology and financial management of AHC Group. She acts as safety coordinator for all work sites and as a liaison with WorkSafe BC. Nancy enjoys the energy, commitment and family business atmosphere that AHC Group offers and has developed long-term relationships with staff and clients alike. When not at work, Nancy enjoys time with her son Arjun and travelling around the world to exotic destinations.

  • Meet Tony

    Tony Andrews

    Senior Project Manager
    AHC SINCE: 1997

    Tony, a project manager, has had a life-long career in construction. He has worked for over 40 years throughout the Province on a variety of small and large projects. Tony joined AHC Group in 1997 as a senior project manager and has been instrumental in ensuring many projects are completed on time and on budget. He enjoys working as part of the AHC Group because of the relationships with clients and quality of the work that the team ensures. When Tony is not running a project you can find him hunting and fishing in the country or travelling to warm climates.

  • Meet Lou

    Lou Bennachio

    Project Manager
    AHC SINCE: 2010

    Lou, a project manager, brings 26 years of building expertise and his ‘big’ personality to every project he is involved in. Trained at BCIT, he spent many years as a site superintendent for multi-family and high-rise construction projects becoming well versed in pre-cast panels for high rise and commercial construction. He has a strong interest in building with the pre-cast panels and pre-fabricated walls of the future. He also brings to AHC Group expertise in design, finishing work, stucco, and interior plastering. Lou’s biggest asset is his connection with others – “Lou always knows a guy” who is skilled and an expert in his trade. Lou likes to be involved in new construction, design and challenging jobs. He relaxes with his family, fishing, boating, enjoying the outdoors and coaching sports.

  • Meet Dennis

    Dennis Cadrain

    Project Manager
    AHC SINCE: 1971

    Dennis is a 40 year veteran with the AHC Group. He began his journey with AHC at 18 years of age, starting as a labourer and then his apprenticeship under the management of Mr. Eugene Paone. He completed his carpenter apprenticeship in 1977 and has continued to be a valuable asset to the company. Dennis has worked as a site superintendent on a variety of jobs including institutional, commercial, industrial and more recently, resort multi-family development. He has been instrumental in managing and overseeing the AHC Group resort development of Pinnacle Ridge Resort properties and Black Rock Development in Fernie BC.

    When asked about his favorite jobs – he replied, “I enjoy every job – and every client”.

  • Meet James

    James Paone

    Project Manager
    AHC SINCE: 1968

    James was the first son to join his father’s path starting his apprenticeship fulltime in 1968. He contributed on many buildings that his father designed; working his way to foreman while maintaining the high quality standard AHC is known for. James’s legacy with the company includes building many churches, schools, wharehouses and industrial buildings in and out of the lower mainland. He appreciates that they still look current today, some having been constructed in the early 70’s. He has seen the company evolve and grow into a group that specializes in a range of institutional, commercial and resort building projects.

    He is currently semi-retired but is excited to see the changes and growth in the company. James is an accomplished sailor and a member of The Vancouver Rowing Club. He has sailed in local races and international offshore races and recently circumnavigated solo around Vancouver Island. If you do not see him on the ‘job site’ you can be sure he is outside, enjoying the outdoors hunting, fishing, skiing or sailing!

  • Meet Rick

    Rick Depencier

    Project Manager
    AHC SINCE: 1993

    Rick has been in the construction field for over 30 years. He began with modular home, classroom and work camp projects and then moved onto bridges & dike projects (Alex Fraser & Delta Port). With a keen interest in finish carpentry he earned his T.Q. and joined Crescent Boatbuilders in the construction of luxury yachts.

    Rick came to AHC in 1993 with CSO & Industrial First Aid certificates, and has remained with the company because of its project variety, commitment to safety and quality from and for all those involved. Away from the worksite Rick likes to be on or near the water either sailing in the Gulf Islands or discovering a new tropical beach.