Elkford Community Centre


Elkford Community Centre

District of Elkford

Elkford, British Columbia

May 2012

Project Summary

The Challenge

The District of Elkford is home to a new innovative and energy efficient community centre. The new building was located on the previous site of Elkford Elementary School. The 18,000 sq. ft. space contains a multipurpose room, children’s play area, tourist information centre and office space.

The Solution

The project incorporated The first Commercial application of CLT wall panels in North America, lead by the AHC team. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panels are a structural wood product that can match the strength of concrete. These CLT panels were combined with glulam timbers to provide the buildings structure. Then Insulspan SIPs (Structural Insulating Panels) were used to clad the walls and roof of the building. These innovative products were prefabricated off site making for speedy installation period.

This was a very complicated building and Plasti-Fab really helped us out by working as a team with the CLT and glulam supplier. There were a lot of prefabricated components and everything worked quite seamlessly.

Not only was the building easy to install with the pre-fabricated components it is also extremely energy efficient.

This is an 18,000 sq. ft. building and during the winter storm temperatures reach -20 deg C. During construction we had only a few small heaters and the building was perfectly warm—the guys couldn’t believe it.

Case Study By The Canadian Wood Council

A detailed case study of the Elkford Community Centre Project and other innovative uses of wood construction in the province of BC.

Plasti-Fab® SIPs and ICFs Feature Sheet

SIP & CLT Feature: Elkford Community Center

Press Release

This multi-use facility will be a community landmark that will benefit current and future generations. CBT is proud to be a part of this project that is furthering Elkford’s community sustainability initiative and we commend the community for their vision and commitment to this project… Read The Full Article
Neil Muth -CBT President and CEO

A Source Of Pride In Elkford

This project was featured in Kootenay Business Magazine 2012. Download the article here.

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