McDonald’s Restaurant


McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonalds Restaurants Canada

Dawson Creek, BC

September 2010

The Challenge

McDonald’s restaurants in Canada are in high demand. When owner Brian Boresky wanted to demolish an existing store, build a new commercial restaurant within a short building window in Dawson Creek, AHC had to find him ‘multiple’ solutions. While AHC has refitted or remodeled over 80 McDonald’s restaurants, a new building within a 3 month timeframe, distant location, and a shortage of skilled workers and tradesmen in the region significantly added to the challenges.

Our Solution

AHC’s solution was to build the first McDonalds in Canada using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). The 8600 square foot commercial space was coordinated by the Vancouver office from demolition of the existing building to erecting and opening a complete new store in just “10 weeks”. By using the energy-efficient panels, construction time was reduced by more than 6 weeks. The core building team came from the Vancouver office, and whenever possible, local trades people were hired. A collaborative effort meant that changes were made efficiently and the project was completed as scheduled.

Project Video


I can honestly say that the Horie team took my challenge of building a completely new building, with the elements and costs of building up north, and by adapting to all the issues that arose, did everything they could do to please me, the client. The words that reflect the experience are cooperation, communication, flexibility and adaptability! We came in on time and on budget even with all the accommodations we had to make that were out of our control. Next job will not be put out to tender, I will just call Horie!
Brian Boresky

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