Commercial Construction Solutions

We work with clients on projects of many sizes from design to completion. Our dedicated and experienced team explores ways to meet budget constraints while maximizing the projects durability and quality. We can often introduce LEED/green inspired innovations that contribute significantly to a building’s overall energy performance. We work with our clients to make sure every step of the process is transparent and accountable.


At AHC we can offer the combination of design and construction for new buildings, tenant improvements and renovations. The design-build system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and the construction phase of a project. In offering a design-build contract we can combine the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the building experience for the client as well as reduce overall costs.


We offer construction management from inception to completion through planning, co-ordination and control of a project to meet our client’s requests. In working closely with clients, consultants and sub-trades we can produce a functional and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized costs and to the required quality standards. With over 115 years of construction management, we bring experience, honesty and integrity to every project.


Our experienced team at AHC, offer strong leadership in building, site supervision, and sub-trade management. With longevity in the business, we have built solid relationships with sub-trades throughout the province. As a general contractor, we provide a number of services from site assessment, estimation, budgeting, plan specifications and permitting, master builders and finishing, sub-trade supervision and scheduling to a completed project on time and within the expected budget.