Innovative Material Solutions

Each customer brings to the project high expectations of value and quality. We approach each project to design and build a building of high quality and affordability. By working with and informing the client through each step, we ensure our client’s satisfaction.

We Grow Green Buildings: Total wood solutions that are simple, sustainable and economical©. It’s a new way to think. We all understand the value of building a sustainable building. However, in today’s market place a ‘green’ stamp of approval appears to come with a high price tag. This is not true. We offer our clients access to sustainable building solutions that work within their budget and time constraints.

AHC is an ‘authorized dealer’ for Insulspan and Riverbend Timber Frame, leading manufacturers in structural insulated wall and roof panels (SIPs) and Timber Framing. Our relationship and expertise with these materials allows us to offer energy-efficient and cost-saving alternatives to our clients.

Why CLT?

Cross Laminated Timber

CLT panels can replace the use of concrete, which allows for the fastest and most sustainable building practice. CLT improves energy efficiency through air tightness, thermal bridges, humidity management and noise control. This is a fully renewable building resource that is both fire and earthquake resistant.

Why SIP?

Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs are one of the most airtight and well-insulated building systems available. A SIP building will use less energy to heat and cool and allow for better control over indoor environmental conditions, air quality and reduce construction waste. They reduce utility cost and carbon emissions because the airtight building envelope creates a much greater R-Value than traditional framing.



AHC+DERIX Laminated Timber Solutions bring together over 200 years of innovative building experience. Together, they provide North America with world-class manufacturing of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glulam, design & installation services. Intelligible, sustainable and economical timber based construction is the way of our future.

AHC+DERIX Laminated Timber Solutions Manufacturing and Construction

Riverbend Timber Frame

Since 1979, Riverbend has been a leader in timber frame design and construction. By merging the proven techniques of the past with advanced engineering and the latest in green building technology, we provide homes and commercial buildings that are beautiful, strong, energy-efficient and earth-friendly.


A leading manufacturer in structural insulated wall and roof panels (SIPs). In 2007, Insulspan SIPs were named the number one green building product by the editors of Sustainable Industries magazine